Factory introduction

The company has a PIC/S GMP certified pharmaceutical factory that has been approved by the TFDA (Taiwan Food & Drug Administration). The manufacturing area is a sealed clean room with a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and a humidity of less than 55%. The air inside is filtered by 3 processes: coarse, medium and high efficiency air conditioning system, so that the clean room in the manufacturing area is maintained below 100,000 class; and the indoor temperature, humidity and cleanliness conditions such as indoor pressure, airflow velocity, airflow distribution, noise vibration, lighting, and static electricity are controlled within the specification. We ensure drugs can be manufactured in a well controlled environmental to comply with PIC/S GMP regulations.
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Business philosophy

The company has an excellent management team, adhering to the business philosophy of "pharmaceutical is a national industry is also a high-tech industry", and pursues sustainable business and growth.
Yuanchou company's entrepreneurial spirit: wisdom + excellent + service
Manufacturing department: According to the specifications of PIC/S GMP and the S.O.P of each product, each manufacturing procedure is strictly implemented, and the quality is stabilized to ensure the curative effect.
Business unit: Close to customers and create value. Establish an effective sales team to understand the value and needs of customers and provide product explanations and services.
Quality Control Department: According to the regulations of the Pharmacopoeia of Europe, the United States and Japan, develop the inspection methods and specifications of various products, and borrow advanced precision instruments to strictly control the quality.
R&D department: Recruiting professionals and studying literature. And work closely with academic units and biotechnology companies to develop new dosage forms and new products. Maintain the organic and sustainable nature of the company's growth.

Company Vision


1. Actively invest in new ingredients, new materials, new equipment, and new methods. Develop excellent drugs that are efficient, safe, reasonable, convenient, and accurate to contribute to humanity.

2. Research and develop new dosage forms to meet the therapeutic needs of various clinical drugs, reduce side effects, and benefit patients.

Modern pharmacy is based on the theories of physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer materials, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and biomedicine. It is based on the application of modern biomedical technology, physical chemical technology and mechanical and electronic technology. Formulation of pharmaceutical preparations, process methods and methods of quality analysis. In the end, it can produce a variety of drugs with high efficacy, low toxicity and easy to use.

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the mutual penetration and promotion of various disciplines has greatly promoted the development of pharmaceuticals. New methods, new technologies, new equipment, new ingredients and new ingredients in modern drug manufacturing continue to emerge. The basic research has been deepened, applied research has been more perfect, and the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms has entered the era of new drug release systems from traditional dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and injections. New products of various controlled and sustained-release dosage forms are on the market, and the research on targeted drug delivery preparations and pulse-controlled automatic drug delivery systems is developing rapidly. For micro-encapsulation technology and liposome embedding technology of biological preparations, clinical drugs have been improved. The safety, effectiveness and convenience play a very important role. The development of these new pharmaceutical technologies is the sacred goal pursued by the company.


Historical Evolution

  1. Yuanzhou Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established
  2. Received the G.M.P qualified pharmaceutical factory as the G.M.P.
  3. Passed the first stage certification of C.G.M.P.
  4. Passed C.G.M.P. Phase II Certification
  5. Passed C.G.M.P. Phase III Certification
  6. Awarded the C.G.M.P Qualified Pharmaceutical Factory by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan
  7. Passed PIC/S GMP